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We are ISC Media. We build and grow small businesses. We help our clients tell their stories and Insert Something Clever into their marketing.

Creating Clever Content

We're here to be clever

Reach out to discuss your project how YOU want to talk about it.

Recent Projects

serving clever customers

Here are a few of our most recent projects. 

Every client is unique, and so are their projects.   Take a few moments to see what we’re up to.   

Or don’t.  We’re not your mom.   We’re not going to make you do anything.   You should live YOUR best life.

Our Core Beliefs

Creating Clever Content & Telling Stories that Matter

Marketers get a bad rap. We’re not in this to sell you (or your clients) goods and services that they don’t want or need. We don’t trick people with marketing (and if that’s what you’re looking for, we’re probably not a good fit for you).

We’re in this to serve people well. We are digital storytellers that educate, entertain, and inspire audiences. And, as it turns out, this is actually a really great way to build and grow your business too! 

Collaboration makes all the difference in your story being authentic. Creating authentic content is more successful when a close relationship develops between us.

We work to be accessible in a variety of ways so we can work with you to represent your brand well. Clients who stay in close communication with us almost always have a better result. We offer content meetings to strategize the use of marketing hours AND to maintain alignment of marketing with business goals. The most effective work is done in a context of true collaboration.

Getting attention in the marketplace is about more than just mastering the algorithms (though we do that too).

It’s about keeping a finger on the pulse of your customers and making sure they can find out all of the interesting, heart-warming, hilarious things about your business that will make them your “fanvocates” because they have such a great experience with your product or service.

This means having fun creating content that shows personality AND gains the attention of your customers. Not only does it work in the marketplace but it makes coming to work (and working with us) a lot more fun too! 

Our Story

established 2015

Ben and Lucinda Miller have been small business owners for more than 20 years. Ben operated their Bloomington/Normal Illinois business full time, while Lucinda taught high school, middle school, and future teachers at Illinois State University.

In 2015 we launched ISC Media, as a way to take the business, marketing, and customer service skills we’ve learned along the way and help our fellow small business owners build and grow their businesses. We know the struggle to not only run your business, but to put your best foot forward in your marketing materials. Our goal is to help you focus on what you do best, and we’ll do the rest.

We believe everyone we work with becomes our friend, and we have helped our new friends launch new businesses, build new websites, and keep their social media content clear and consistent. We’ve helped develop and implement strategies for success, produced a ton of videos, designed logos and print materials, conceptualized trade show booths, managed Google/Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns and much, much more.

We’ve spent the last 5 years building a network of incredible professionals in video production, web design, graphic artists, and other collaborators who work together to make your business look amazing.

Your business success matters as much to us as it does to you. If you’re ready to have a marketing team treat you like you’re family, reach out here.

And if you’re a West Wing (weekly) fan, you’ll appreciate that our call to action is “OK, What’s Next?”